Our Origin Story

So, I know you all have been wondering how did Loud Moon become Loud Moon?

Well, we have known each other for what seems like almost forever.

Jayder and I met when I was 17 and he was 19 at the time we were just acquaintances. Jayder was already a musician and had been for sometime. I on the other hand had dabbled in school band growing up but never took any of it very seriously.

Years later we casually dated for a brief while…We had a blast in Tucson, just being young and causing a ruckus, eventually we went our separate ways. I went off to Japan and Jayder went to Texas.

Fast forward a long while and running into each other a few times somehow we both ended up in New Mexico!! I was far north in Albuquerque and Jayder was down south in Carlsbad. After talking for a bit we both realized we were still very much interested in each other. ;) and there you have it….history….

Okay, not quite, but one day Jayder was visiting me up in Albuquerque and we were sitting on my little couch in my tiny apartment and he asked if I wanted to write a song. I thought, sure, I took some voice lessons in college. I can do this, let's write. Out came our song Bats and Pillows. I like to think of that song as our origin story. The song is about meeting in Tucson and falling apart and coming back together again. It eludes to the year and a half we spent (while I finished up college) dragging our lives and our little Boston Terrier, Cooper, back and forth four hours each way just to see each other every weekend.

Eventually, I moved down to Carlsbad and one song turned into two and then we just kept going and became what we are today! We were also once called Mosca De La Tierra but Loud Moon fit so much better.

Finally, we got tired of living in the oil field in New Mexico and moved up to Vermont for a change of scenery. So far it’s been pretty rad, we also now have our big monster dog Ronin.

Hope you loved learning a little bit more about us

<3 Dre

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